Nursery Project

Nacala, Moçambique

VALE Moçambique Limitada


Implementation of a nursery to produce seedlings of species of mangrove and Native Forest in Nacala, including: Administrative Block - Building with approximately 550m2 of construction area (Reception and lounge, Office, kitchen, Foyer / Reception, Auditorium, Technical rooms and toilet facilities); Production Warehouse 230m2); Warehouse seeds; Warehouse of materials and equipment; Warehouse chemicals; Central / waste deposit; Parking and access of the surrounding buildings; Place of charge and discharge; Growing Area: seedbeds and greenhouse; Area of substrate preparation and filling of vessels; Irrigation system and water tanks.


• Preliminary Study - conception of the technical solutions;


• Final Design: Architecture, Structural Engineering (foundations and building reinforced concrete and steel structures),  Hydraulics (water supply, domestic sewage and drainage from buildings, external infrastructures, including septic tank), Electricity (internal and external lighting, sockets, lightning rod system, switchboards, all power supply infrastructure, within the limits of the lot including the transformer substation.) Telecommunications (TV, Projection and sound system at the auditorium, CCTV, fire detection, voice and data networks), Platforms, Roads and Drainage, Acclimatization, Landscaping and respective irrigation system, Irrigation system of nurseries.

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