ECM – Engenheiros Consultores de Moçambique, S.A. is a Mozambican company, founded in 2011, which results from the joint efforts and skills of some engineering companies with complementary expertise, with extensive experience in their fields, in different geographical latitudes.

The company has a registered capital of 500,000 meticais, with headquarters and offices in Maputo, and is independent of economic groups or any other entities.

In addition to having a very experienced technical staff in a wide range of specialties, the company has greater ability to appeal to a very broad core of experts in practically all fields of engineering. Thus, ECM is prepared to cover vast areas of engineering knowledge, related to infrastructures, construction and public works, grouped into the following key areas:

- Transport infrastructures;
- Hydraulic infrastructures;
- Geology and geotechnics;
- Buildings;
- Urban and industrial infrastructures;
- Environment;
- Project management and supervision;
- Rural development.

ECM, in spite of being still a young company, has worked for some reference customers in the market, namely the ones listed below.

Perfectly inserted in the Mozambican market, ECM's mission is to contribute to the provision of qualified engineering, clearly identifying customer needs, and working accordingly to ensure the quality of the services, implementation of quality control systems, rationalization of working methods and optimization of our customers’ investments.

ECM action is guided also by the strict adherence to the agreed deadlines and a focus on results in the customer's perspective.

The organizational structure of ECM consists of a general management board, depending on the administration, which is linked to the commercial, administrative and technical areas.