ECM – Engenheiros Consultores de Moçambique, S.A. ensures, through a staff with proven experience in different areas, a vast Engineering knowledge which allows the advice of the Owner of the Works within a very comprehensive range of expertise, which we group into eight major areas:

- Transport Infrastructures;
- Hydraulic Infrastructures;
- Geology and Geothecnics;
- Buildings;
- Urban and Industrial Infrastructures;
- Environment;
- Project management and supervision;
- Rural Development.

In all studies and projects in which ECM is involved, its mission consists in the full satisfaction of its Customers through the design and implementation of the most suitable solutions to their interests and intents. To achieve this goal, ECM promotes a close collaboration with its customers in the development of their projects, allowing the final products to be adjusted to their real needs, while respecting environmental quality standards.


ECM has had a strong intervention in the field of Transport Infrastructures in Mozambique. That is the case of Nacala Railway Corridor, between Moatize and Nacala, where ECM has already developed numerous projects of railway layout, roads, new bridges and rehabilitation of existing bridges. Services provided in this area include:

- Project Management and Coordination;
- Roads and Highways;
- Railways;
- Airports;
- Road and Railway Bridges and Viaducts:
- Passenger and Freight Railway Stations;
- Retaining Structures and Geotechnic Works;
- Tunels (Cut-and-cover, Top-down and Mining);
- Project Review. Preparation of technical opinions for project certification;
- Road Safety Audits;
- Preparation of tender processes and contract conditions. Assessment of proposals;
- Consulting and technical assistance to road and railway entities.


ECM has a very comprehensive service offering in the field of Hydraulic Infrastructures. Services provided in this area include:

- Planning of Water Resources;
- Earth Dams;
- Concrete Dams;
- Water Tanks;
- Lakes and Weirs;
- Small Scale Hydro Plants;
- Water supply systems (channels and adductors);
- Fluvial Regularization and Torrential Correction;
- Water Supply Systems;
- Domestic Sewage and Stormwater Drainage Networks;
- Pumping Stations and Water Treatment Plants;
- Fire Safety Networks.


ECM has a very comprehensive service offering in the field of Geotechnical Services, which can be grouped into the following areas:

- Engineering Geology;
- Geotechnical Design;
- Geoenvironment;
- Hydrogeology;
- Geophysical Studies;
- Instrumentation and Observation;
- Geological and Geotechnical Monitoring of Works.


In the field of buildings, ECM – Engenheiros Consultores de Moçambique, S.A. has a very comprehensive service offering. Services provided in this area include:

- Architecture;
- Structures, Foundations and Retaining Structures, Retention of Building Facades;
- Large Span Roofs;
- Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Existing Buildings;
- Water Supply and Sewage Networks;
- Electricity, Telecommunications and HVAC Technical Installations;
- Gas Networks;
- Fire Safety Networks;
- Solar-Thermal Heating System;
- Project Management and Coordination;
- Project Review;
- Consulting and Technical Opinions;
- Building Inspection and Audits.


ECM's staff has cumulative experience in the coordenation, management and development of great Urban and Industrial Infrastructure projects. Services provided in this area include:

- Project Management and Coordination;
- Urbanism and Landscaping;
- Urban and industrial road networks, as well as road networks to support large retail areas;
- Water Supply Systems, Domestic and Pluvial Sewage Networks;
- Pumping Stations and Water Treatment Plants;
- IExterior Electricity, Telecommunications and Gas Infrastructures;
- Industrial Plants;
- Industrial Flooring;
- Water Tanks and Silos;
- Geotechnical Prospecting and Enginnering Geology.


In the field of Environmental Consulting, ECM operates in the following areas:

- Environmental Impact Studies / Support on the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process;
- Strategic Environmental Assessment (of Plans and Programs);
- Definition and coordination of Environmental Monitoring Plans;
- Environmental Audits (ISO 19011, Phase I, Due Diligence);
- Sustainability Reports;
- Studies and projects of Environmental Requalification;
- Evaluation and indicators of environmental performance of companies (ISO 14031);
- Technical support on the Ecolabelling of Touristic Enterprises;
- Integrated Waste Management Plans (of strategic or operational scope).


ECM has all the skills to ensure planning, management, monitoring and supervision of any type of construction project. Services include:

- Project management, including the overall planning of projects, budget estimates and financial schedules, advising on procurement at all stages of the development and assistance in contracting phase;
- Gestão, Acompanhamento e Supervisão das Empreitadas de Construção, incluindo o controlo do planeamento, o controlo da execução física do contrato, o controlo de qualidade, o controlo dos custos e gestão da qualidade;
- Elaboração de Planos de Segurança e Saúde de empreitadas e coordenação das atividades de segurança;
- Acompanhamento Ambiental de Empreitadas;


Services provided in the field of Rural Development are:

- Agricultural Planning;
- Irrigation and Drainage Systems;
- Agricultural Path Networks;
- Pumping Stations;
- Filtration Stations;
- Surface and Underground Drainage;
- Remote Management Systems;
- Tourism Projects;
- Golf Courses.